Sunday, June 14, 2009

Road kill sighting on face book

These photos seen on face book last week got some interesting comments.

"These two turkey vultures were hungry. They dragged this road kill off to the side of the road, right in front of our home on Foothill. Cars driving by did not seem to bother them!!! They had the mess cleaned up in no time!! Thank you Turkey Vultures, for all the nasty work you do!!!"

"Only you would think to stop and thank this disgusting bird. :) They do a very important job though!"

"They do an important and amazing job. I am fascinated by how fast they can locate a fresh roadkill!!!"

"Nature at its best!!"

"Glad you like those "clean-up" birds doing their job for America!!!"

"One of my uncles claims that turkey vultures have within them the cure for cancer, to prove his point he says look at what they eat and thrive on!"

Rock on fellow road kill enthusiasts, Rock on!
Thanks for the submission.

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Kristi M said...

Turkey Vultures Rock ! The comment about them being seemingly-immortal may have some substance... I've even heard that they can be hit by a mini-van and not die!